You Get One Shot. Make It Count.

Playing a game of foursquare in our office with my dad, mom and brother.

It’s been one year. It’s been one year since Flash left his high paying corporate job with killer benefits. And the best part is we’re still here. I can still remember the few agonizing months (thanks to Ali and Mindy who answered my texts and met me for tea) leading up to November 1, 2011. That was officially his last day. I got cold fee, I think he must have too, I’d wake up in a panic thinking “what if” this and “what if that.” It had to stop. What kind of way is that to live. I remember back when the real estate market took a dump and a mortgage friend said to us, “what’s the worst that could happen”, about a property we owned. The worst thing we all decided on the phone was foreclosure. Yeah that would suck, but we’d still be here, we’d have each other and we’d eventually bounce back. We never did foreclose, but those words stuck with me forever. WHAT’S THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN.

So when the cold feet days came around, I’d think to myself, what’s the worst that could happen. I’d talk through that exact point with a few close friends and family. We had a plan b and it made all of the difference in the world. Day two came and went, week two came and went, month 2 came and went – we were making it work. We still haven’t had to pull the cord on plan b. This last year may not have been the most comfortable financially or for our marriage, but you only get one shot in this lifetime. And you better believe the crazy type a personality (that’s me) planned like crazy financially to make this happen. It took years of saving and getting comfortable with this decision.

To round out the year we were both reminded on how precious life is. We lost a loved one a few weeks ago that shook the entire family. Every morning for the last 2 weeks I’ve woken up thinking about it and the amazing legacy and family he left behind. But then my two feet touch the ground, my pug follows me to the bathroom, I take a shower, I walk out my front door and I walk hand in hand to my office with my best friend and business partner and I think to myself, how many people get to say that.

You get one shot. Make it count. Do something today that others won’t, I promise it will change your life. Share that first step you’ve taken.


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