Who has the best sister-in-law? I do.


I love you Julie Gordon. The first postcard said, “Turning older doesn’t have to be stressful. Over the next couple of weeks, expect some “words of wisdom” from people that love you and want to help you celebrate getting another year wiser!”

The first postcard came one week ago. There have been 6 since then, one postcard everyday. Yes, you guessed it, I have a birthday coming up. I’m an over achiever who’s always judging herself and age is one of those data points. Oh geez, I’m turning X and I’ve only accomplished X. Sound familiar?

But the words of humor and wisdom kept showing up in the form of an adorable post card. It’s really stopped me in my tracks and helped me to appreciate the things I love most in life. Family, friends and humor.  I’d love to share this heart felt series with you while simultaneously giving a huge high five to my amazing sister-in-law who is actually collecting these quotes from people, printing and mailing each individual post card by hand (mmmm, new business idea).

With love on your birthday – Amy (my cousin)


With love on your birthday – Cathy Gordon (mother-in-law and funniest inside joke)


With love on your birthday – Uncle Larry H.


With love on your birthday – Your brother (and a top fave as this was my dad’s quote to us as kids)

With love on your birthday – Heather (cousin)

Oh wait, it just found two more. I’ll post this later with the rest from this week.

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