What? There’s more?

Where can we go from here?

We spent the rest of Friday night drinking, celebrating, calling the USA on our credit cards, and having a merry old time. Saturday morning came too early, especially for Vicki and Randy who awoke at 2:00AM to a 6.2 earthquake…get the car, we’re out of here!!!!! Mel and Flash didn’t happen to feel a thing, too tired, fancy that.

We slept in on Saturday morning, had a nice breakfast at the hotel buffet (included in the price of the resort…booya!) We then piled into a van to head to our white water rafting river. After 1.5 hours of winding roads and SMALL towns we arrived at the river. Our 19 year old guide, Jose, gave us a 5 minute quickie instructional in spanglish and we were off over the class IV rapids! Jose made sure Randy and Flash got WET, Mel and Vicki were protected by their strong men. We had a few swim breaks in the river; we stopped at one point and it was off into the rain forest for one of our guides to pick watermelon and pineapple to snack on. Then it was back in the raft and down the rapids, one called CONFUSION which gave us all bruises. Jose was a great guide and we ended our trip jumping off a 2×6 sticking out the side of a cliff.

One thought on “What? There’s more?

  1. Awesome!!! We are so happy for you guys. I can’t wait until you get back and we can toast to you! Lots of love,
    Browne & Steph

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