We turned funky piano into groovy

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica – 3:45PM MDT Oct 17

Upon arriving out our dinner destination last night, we found out the calypso band had canceled last minute. We sat down to a ‘funky piano’ single man band. Within minutes we couldn’t bare it and left. Think keyboard meets karaoke. We headed down the road to El Loco Natural for some great curry food and a live local band.

Friday was a lazy day, as we all hung at the hotel, at the beach and in the hammocks. One of the gardeners spotted a SLOTH. We spent most of the day laying under the tree and watching her.

We decided to forgo any scuba diving and save $$ for another trip. Also, the surf is FLAT. No surfing for this trip, but we’ve had some amazing body surfing!!

Well it’s Friday night and we are off to find some reggae music.

One thought on “We turned funky piano into groovy

  1. It is more than OK to be lazy while on vacation. Wow, a real live Sloth. Hope you got pics of it. Did you give it a pet name? Sounds like an awesome time you are having, which is good. Everything is pretty normal here. Reading your blog daily. Catch ya later.

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