The Long Trek to Paradise

Charlotte, NC – 9:00AM EDT Oct 11th We’re 12 hours into our journey to Puerto Viejo and Mel feels “Surprisingly good, mostly because it’s my birthday.” We left San Diego at 6:00pm for a quick flight to Phoenix for our first layover. We killed time at PHX by having dinner at Chili’s, don’t judge it was the only place still open and we needed sustenance.  Then onto the 11:15pm red-eye to Charlotte.  Very little sleep on the plane although Johnny Walker helped a little. We’ve been here at CLT since 6:00am attempting to get a little more sleep.  Mel scoped herself a spot on the ground using a row of seats to shield herself from the glaring fluorescent lights.  This plan is was not working out too well.  So, plan two – COFFEE!  Our connection to SJO leaves at 11:20am and it’s a 4 hour flight.  Once we’re there it’s through customs, meet the Bromans curbside and a 4 hour car ride to Puerto Viejo.  Once we’ve arrived in Puerto Viejo we will have two things on our minds – Beach and Beer.  Quickly followed by sleep I’m sure!

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