Hot News from the Hot Springs!!!

Flash proposed to Mel!!!! Oh, you want details now, alright here it goes. We first indulged in some long awaited drinks at the swim up bar. Randy and Vicki were off to explore the springs and Mel insisted that Flash and her take shots of tequila (of course not knowing at this point). Can you believe he had a diamond ring in the back pocket of his board shorts! No wonder he didn’t want to sit down.

We wandered our way through some pools, and Flash found the most secluded dark pool. We swam around like fish, splashing in the falls. Mel began to feel faint and Flash recommended she sit on some rocks bordering the hot springs. Things became silent, flash sunk into the water and clasped his hand against her leg, of course having a death grip on the ring!

Flash said, “Will you marry me” those are the exact words that came out of his mouth. The ring flew in front of my face, tears streamed down my face and I said YES!!!! A complete surprise and totally unexpected proposal. I knew it would happen one day, but not today.

With ring on the finger we were off to find my parents. Flash contacted my dad the Tuesday before our trip, and told him he would plan to propose in Costa Rica. Flash swore him to secrecy, meaning don’t tell Mom!!!

I called my mom over, held up my hand, her face was the award winning Kodak moment. Of course dad already knew. So the rest of the evening was filled with continuous libations- even Randy indulged in a screw driver, showing everyone his ‘happy feet’ dance. Quite comical in a pool.

More posts to come, now we are off to white water rafting through the rain forest…