Surfing and live music

We spent the whole day Tuesday on the beach surfing. We left the beach water logged and hungry and decided we needed some pizza for dinner. Yummy, thin crust italian style with some nachos for an appetizer! We then headed back to Pasatiempo, our little hotel. When we checked in they let us know there was going to be a band and a “pretty big party” on Tuesday night in the bar. Well they weren’t kidding! We grabbed a table down in front early and bye the time things were bumping the place was packed! It was like the whole town was there! A couple of bands played some good music and eventually our long day in the sun started to catch up with us. We made our way out of the bar, past the people crowded everywhere outside, and around the side to our room. The music was still bumping so we hung out on our room’s patio in the hammock and chairs listening until the band stopped at midnight. Then it was inside for some well deserved rest.

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