SORRENTO- 10:30 pm, April 16th Monday morning we started at Cafe Trombetta with the regular; cappucini and a croissant!! We were regulars after 3 mornings in a row. This is a cafe that requires you to pay before being served at a bar. Yes, a Starbucks, but bar style. The Italians go ga-ga, Italian men were drinking their espresso out of shot glasses at 7am!!

Then we were off to meet our tour group at the Vatican, but after he was 15 minutes late we tagged on to another tour that was free for the first half. This covered the Basilica or the Vatican church, the largest church in the world. Also where we saw the Pope. So amazing this place, not a painting in the entire place, only mosaics, which Mel went crazy over cause she loves everything mosaic. We were in there for an hour or so, listening to a basic history and some secrets that otherwise go unnoticed by the regular tourist. We’ll share if you plan on going there. Needless to say, for a couple of kids who are not very religious at all, this place was most breathtaking.

We decided to pay a little extra for a tour through the Vatican Museum. All we have to say is after almost 3 hours we finally saw the Cistine Chapel. The most amazing piece we have seen yet. The best part was going in with a little bit of history on the artist himself, Michaelangelo, and the history of the work too. We felt like experts pointing and discussing, as others stood and sat dumb founded!!!!

Our last night in Rome was great. After spending two nights in a dorm with a family of 6 from who knows where, we were blessed with the cutest IKEA room. Tuesday morning we were off to catch a 3 hour train to Naples. We originally had planned to eat lunch in Naples and catch the regional train to Sorrento afterward, but we were in Naples a little under one hour. Soon realizing we were in Tijuana, we turned back around to the train station, but not without Mel’s ankle giving out in the middle of the street. This caused Flash to have a mini heart attack. He picked her up off the ground so fast and promised pizza and beer as soon as we arrived in Sorrento. The train to Sorrento was a grueling one hour trip, which included 33 stops along the way. Little did we know that our $2 euro ticket was subway style and didn’t guarantee a seat. We stood huddling our belongings the whole way.

We are only mentioning all of the negative to lead us to- SORRENTO. This place is so breathtaking and surreal. Our pictures will soon tell the paradise we have landed. The first thing we did was walk a couple blocks for lunch, then we called our hotel to pick us up. This is where the positive starts. A shuttle to our hotel!!!! No stinky subway or thieves. We began to wind up a hill in our shuttle, only to look at each other, thinking- is this guy going to drive us off a cliff or is he driving us to no where and leaving us. We knew our hotel was far up, but not in the sky!!!! We finally arrive to the front of what Mel and Flash believe is a 5 star hotel- Il Nido is the name. The view off the balcony of our room, w/ full patio and furniture, looks to Mt. Vesuvius and Pompeii and overlooks all of Sorrento. Mel took a 45 min bath as Flash stood on the balcony the whole time taking pictures!!! Once, two very stinky backpackers were now high rollers. Dinner was served at 7pm, where we managed to have a 4 course meal.

Today we took a day trip to Amalfi only wishing we had a week. The only way into the city is by bus, of course if you have a yacht you will be there in 20 min. Two hours later on one of the most windy, one way roads, we reach another paradise. What can we say, Italy has been paradise for th both of us. Tomorrow we will visit Pompeii, more details then…..

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