ROME – 1:20 am, April 13th We have pictures online! After a painful hour on an iMac here at our hostle Jeff has managed to figure out this whole Apple Computer thing. The pictures are rather large, so they may take some time to load on a dial-up modem. Update on events in Rome later, lets get to the good stuff… p.s. yes, some of the photos are sideways, I never said I was a computer wiz or anything… p.p.s NO, we are not wearing the same clothes in all the pictures, how dare you suggest such a thing!

LONDON – You can see Parliament in the background.

TWYFORD – Windsor Castle

PARIS – The Louvre

PARIS – Nightfall sykline from the Louvre

PARIS – Eiffel Tour

SAN SEBASTIAN – Sitting on the dock of the bay, wasting time

SAN SEBASTIAN – On top of the mountain

BARCELONA – Sagrada Familia

BARCELONA – Sagrada Familia

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