Pura Vida

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica – 6:00PM MDT Oct 16 After last time’s massive word dump we’ll be short and sweet this time around.

Tuesday – Beach, Books, Beer, Naps, Hammocks, Sand, Food, Happy Hour.

Wednesday – Massages at Pure Jungle Spa. Lunch at Maxi’s in Manzanillo, the true END OF THE ROAD, this part of the road doesn’t go all the way to the Panama border, it just ends a few km before the border. Relaxing and enjoying the good after massage soreness the rest of the evening.

Thursday – Back down to Punta Uva to do some more snorkeling. It was an overcast day and the swell was a bit bigger than Sunday but there was still good fish to be seen. A few beers, fruity drinks and tequila shots at the “grass hut bar” and then it was back up the road. We pit stopped at the end of the dirt side-road with the sign labeled “Chocorart” promising real chocolate plantation tours. We didn’t end up taking the tour but we talked briefly with the owner and left with about $30 worth of real organic chocolate bars of all varying flavors. Now we’re relaxing, listening to the rain (it’s rained every day here, but we love it) and waiting to head out to a restaurant to eat and listen to some live Calypso music.

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