NICE – 11:00 am, April 11th We spent our last day in Barcelona yesterday. We had to carefully schedule our day as war protests completely shut down all transportation in the city between noon and 2pm. We got to see tons of people marching, carrying signs, blowing whistles, banging pots and pans… No need to worry parents, everything we saw was peaceful. We have begun to see more and more American tourists as our journey continues, Italy should be just as full as Barcelona. We went to the Picasso museum yesterday during the main protest time, even the museum ticket office stopped selling tickets for 15 minutes at noon in protest. We had some falafals for lunch and then it was back to Las Ramblas once the metro was back running. Mel went crazy window shopping in all the shops, but to Jeff’s suprise she has not purchased an article of clothing, just souvenirs.

We took the night train from Barcelona here to Nice last night. This time we decided against the couchettes and roughed it in the regular seating compartments. It was not too bad, normally the compartments seat 8, but there were only 3 of us, the third being a hip french dude (non smelly). It was a little discomforting to be woken at 3am by the police searching every compartment for a thief and wanting to know if any of our belongings had been taken during our sleep. We where OK, we had locked our backpacks together and to the train with a cable (nice work Mel).

We watched the sunrise over the Mediterranean this morning while on the train. Beautiful and strange, since we are used to the sun SETTING over the ocean. The weather is not as warm as we had hoped, but the forecasted rain has not yet arrived. We are feeling a little grubby without a shower and in the same clothes as yesterday, but know it will get worse as we leave Nice tonight (overnight) for Rome. We found a park and ate breakfast and will go searching for a comfy bar to do some relaxing later. We found the most expensive hotel in the city and treated ourselves to a refresher in their WC (water closet — bathroom). We can say that wetnaps have become our best friends in the last couple of days.

We are hoping to get some pictures uploaded soon, but no promises! Jeff has gone a tad crazy with the digital camera and has taken over 500 pictures so far! Mel has made herself the designated video camera operator and has captured quick video of all the big sights.

Next update from Rome!!!

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