Living the pure life

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica – 3:30PM MDT Oct 21

Sunday a tour guide took Jeff, Mel and Randy to Cocles waterfall. Vicki held down the fort and sun bathed and curled up to her favorite book, In Search of Captain Zero.

Juppy Hansel picked us up in his ‘jalopy’ at 8:30am. The hotel owners had mentioned we could follow him in our car if we like. However, the 3 of us took one look at his 1996 Prizm with the muffler and bumper hanging on the ground, and no door handles and said, “We’re driving with him!” We wanted the full experience. Juppy is a 40 something Puerto Viejo native. He could be mistaken for 100% Jamaican, but we found out he’s Hindu Indian, BriBri, Asian and African. Such a diverse culture here.

He lead us on a nature trail, we spotted 2 Tucans, crossed a couple streams and then headed for the jungle. This wasn’t as quite the strenuous hike from Saturday, but we were climbing. The waterfall was breath taking. We hung out, swam and took pictures.

Juppy also led us to a native BriBri Indian village. We entered the village through a suspension bridge. We visited one of the homes and bought some authentic crafts. We experienced first hand what the general population only ever sees on a Nat Geo show.

Monday the Broman’s were headed back to San Jose, CR so they could catch their flight back home to Reno. It was hugs, and tears of joy from mom. Jeff and Mel are staying 2 more nights at Banana Azul due to an airline mix up. Jeff and Mel rented beach cruisers and set out on a ride … let’s just say we have bruised butts.

We managed to make it half way to Punta Uva and had to stop at a street side cafe for juice and rest. Our original goal was to get to Manzanillo (1.5 hour bike ride away), but then Mel realized what a ludicrous idea that was in the Carribean sun and heat not to mention our bike seats were not padded which doesn’t align with non paved roads!. We hung at Punta Uva beach, snorkeled, belly-uped to Punta Uva Lounge for beers and lunch. We were hoping for clouds and rain for the bike ride back, but no luck. So we braved the treacherous, dirt/rock road, with crazy drivers, insane dust and face melting heat. What a work-out.

Tuesday – We took it a little easier today, skipping the butt bruising bikes for a walk along the dirt road that parallels the beach on the way out of town. Then we walked back down and into town to buy our tickets for the bus back to San Jose tomorrow. We had lunch at one of our favorite places, Chili Rojo. Then we opted for a cab back to the hotel, the sun was blazing and we just weren’t down with getting all sticky and dirty. Then it was a few hours in the hammocks on the beach, reading and napping. What a great way to enjoy our last day here.

We’ll be up early tomorrow to pack, then it’s a 5 hour bus ride back to San Jose where we’ll spend the night. Thursday we have an afternoon flight out of San Jose to Charlotte, where we’ll spend another night, then a 7am eastern time flight back to San Diego. Friday night we will be attending our friends’ wedding in Temecula, and then, finally, on Saturday we’ll be back home. What a trip!

3 thoughts on “Living the pure life

  1. I enjoyed your blog. My husband and I plan to stay at Banana Azul next May to celebrate our 20th anniversary. We’re still in the planning phase, but we have our reservations!

  2. Pura Vida! I met Juppy in Puerto Viejo on my first trip in ’98… Hung out at the Sunset Regae Bar and talked a few hours. Very interesting guy. Good to hear he’s still there, I’m heading down this May. Maybe I’ll catch him again.

    PV has probably been our favorite stop. We have someone drive us down and come back to pick us up after a week or so (3 trips, so far). Other trips to the west Osa and Nicoya Penninsula’s. Still beautiful, serene, and all but just doesn’t have the same “cool” feel as Puerto Viejo. It’s changed a lot since ’98. They have an asphalt road now!

    Hope you decide to go again!

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