Kauai Style

Finally getting some time to post our updates from the last days of our trip.

We got up early on Saturday and headed out to the pier in Hanalei for our 9am surf lessons. There we met up with our instructor Celeste. She led us over to a sandbar and out we paddled. We spent the next two hours catching some great 3-4 foot rolling waves. Even Jeff was able to ride a few into the beach. Celeste was great fun and let us keep the boards for the rest of the day! We stayed there until 2 and then headed out to lunch. We ate at Tropical Taco, where one of the more interesting experiences of our trip happened. We ordered, one fish burrito and one veggi burrito, and then sat on the porch waiting for our food. And waited….and waited…and waited. Then out comes the girl delivering the food, looks at us, looks at the people eating next to us, and says to us, “are you the order for Jeff?”
Then she turns to the people next to us and says, “excuse me, but I think you are eating those peoples food. What did you order?”
The people say, “two fish tacos.”
The girl says, “but you are eating a burrito. Why did you take that order?”
The woman who is eating my fish burrito says, “is that what this is? What’s a taco? Does it have less beans? I can’t even taste the fish in this, does a taco have more fish?”

The girl working there apoligized to us and quickly got us our order. BUT, the people eating our burritos didn’t say anything to us, AND CONTINUED TO EAT OUR FOOD!!!!! DUMB.

After lunch we returned our boards, checked out the lighthouse in Kilauea and then headed to Queens Bath. Queens Bath is a swimming hole cut into a lava shelf. The seas were a little rough, but we were still able to get in some quick snorkeling before the waves started to get gigantic. Then it was back to the room for heineken and guacamole tacos.

Sunday it was up early again and a 1.5 hour drive around the island to Hanapepe for our powered hang gliding flights. This was AMAZING! It was one of the coolest experiences either of us has ever had. Gerry, the pilot, took us up seperatly and took both of us on different flights around the island. Jeff stayed inland, hanging over the wettest spot on earth for some time before catching a draft of air that took us up to 10,000 feet. From there the whole island could be seen, with each little town carving out it’s place on the coastline. Mel stayed coastal, flying over the Na Pali coastline on a waterfall hunt.

After our flights it was out to Poipu State Park Beach for some more snorkeling, still no turtles :-( The ocean was a little rough, but we were able to see some good fish, I think the fish food we had helped! Then it was a lazy drive back around the island, wishing we had more days to enjoy the great weather we were finally getting.

Monday morning we got up, had a great breakfast at Bali Hai (macadamia nut waffles with pineapple syrup!), took our last long looks at Hanalei Bay, and drove back down to Lihue to catch the plane back home.

Can’t wait to get back to Kauai!!!!!!!!!!

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