His Wardrobe Is Better Than Mine

I am fed up. I have had just about enough. Every morning I reach into my closet and utter the words that most girls do every morning, “I have nothing to wear.” But what most of us don’t say to ourselves, or in my case out loud to my husband, “you have a better wardrobe than me.” So I set out on a mission to fix this. And did I mention, I hate shopping.

First we answer the question of how he got a better wardrobe than me. Last summer my husband found a service called Bombfell, a man’s personal stylist clothing subscription. Yes, a complete genius entrepreneur thought up this concept. Now months later I can’t tell who’s more excited about the amazing new articles of clothing that show up. They appear in an adorable package, a modern day cracker jack toy and a stunning, fitted, designer shirt or pants. My husband looks hot 99% of the time, 7 days a week. His clothes fit, he wears them proud, and did I say he looks hot.

One late night I Googled “bombfell for girls” and found this article on Brit+Co.  I read on in disbelief, there were 2 women’s personal stylist clothing subscription services. I clicked around like a mad women and chose Tog+Porter mainly due in part to being able to schedule a personal 1-to-1 Skype with a professional fashion stylist. At this point, I was thinking it was too good to be true. So you’re telling me I get to talk to a live person, explain my lifestyle to her, tell her what I like and don’t like and a few weeks later a box will show up on my door step with a cute outfit inside. Right, there’s no way. I HATE SHOPPING.

So it went like this:

  • Feb 28th Skype fashion consult with Emily, at which point she communicated what happens next and how long it would take.
  • By this point I was so excited, and this type A personality wants everything now, so I emailed Emily asking for an update a week later. She quickly responded, “your box is being put together now and will ship soon! :)
  • My impatiences grew (sorry Emily), then I started doubting that I’d actually like anything in the box, that it would be a miracle if any pants that were sent would be long enough, would it get here in time for my DC trip etc…..
  • 2 days ago I received an email from Ashley the founder of Tog+Porter. Ah, the power of listening to your customers and taking action. The email went something like this, “……Emily then mentioned your company and I put two and two together. Anyway, from one entrepreneur to another, congratulations on what I hope has been a wildly successful venture!” We geeked out a bit further. More on that later
  • Ta-da – 15 business days later the box arrived.

I couldn’t get the box open quick enough. I realize the cute blazer has an elbow patch. Wait, I just pinned something like that days again. Coincidence, I think not.

A lovely silk blouse w/ adorable sleeve buttons, a shimmery tan cotton blazer w/ elbow patches and jeans that were made for me.

Ten minutes later I hopped on Skype with Emily in complete disbelief. Everything fits, it’s an entire outfit I would have never picked out in a million years, and best of all I LOVE THE ENTIRE OUTFIT. I’m sure that doesn’t happen every time, but come on… you do nothing, the box shows up, you keep what you like and send the rest back.

Do it ladies, I give you permission, you deserve a cute new spring outfit. Sign up and use promo code MGORDON13 for a $25 credit for both of us!!

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