Gordon’s Go Green

So now that the elections are over, I can actually think again! Ever since I watched Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth I’ve been trying to find easy and simple ways to lessen our carbon footprint. Months ago I bought a bunch of the Wholefoods and Henry’s reusable grocery bags. I used them once, shoved them in the hall closet and forgot all about them. I realized these bags should be left in my car trunk, that I needed more than 2 and that it’s ok to reuse the plastic vegetable bags. Every bit helps. I’ll continue to hold myself accountable and ask that Flash remind me to use our reusable grocery bags.

Going Green Baby!

Going Green Baby!

The next step is to purchase 3-4 more so that we both have our own personal supply of reusable grocery bags in our cars.

For the last week, I’ve consciously questioned everything I’ve thrown in the garbage at home. We live in a high rise building, so I do know there is a large recycle trash can in the underground parking. It collects paper, plastic, glass and aluminum. However, the trash shoot is at the end of our hallway which makes taking out the daily trash very simple. Getting to the recycle trash can involves a couple more steps of getting into the elevator and trucking down to the parking garage. I think we can handle a couple more steps. But Flash asked, “where are we going to collect/store the recyclables?”

We live in a 800 sq ft condo, no pantry space and barely enough room for our dry food! So I’m on the hunt for some great containers. Still researching and will keep you all posted.

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