Does He Have Your Back? You Better Find Out Quick.

What I feel like saying right now is I that must be a crazy person for booking a trip to Boston in January to then experience the windy and chilling 10 degrees weather for 5 days and nights. Crazy town. As I sit here on the last day of my trip sitting on my bed in a 100 year old carriage house in Cambridge (yay for airBnB $85/nt) I feel a since of calm.

It’s been a great 5 business days in Boston. Yes, that’s why I came out here, not for a vacation silly. In fact, it has exceeded expectations.

I was a bit intimidated by going solo, especially when it comes to navigating a big city or a subway system. Uber taxi (download the app, you won’t be sorry) to the rescue and thank goodness for Google Maps. One night I ended up in a taxi that took no credit card, had no GPS and I ended up lost in East Boston. Thank goodness I had a friend to call and pick me up from that shady and dark street corner. Note to self, don’t have friends in a new city, make some before you leave. Thanks Rich and Tim I owe you.

Sunday and Monday I was in conference all day. ¬†Monday I spoke to 50 small business owners, by far one of my favorite¬†things to do. But then life started to happen. My inbox started to fill with customer service requests, no biggie that’s normal. New customers wanting to sign up, even better. My business partner to the rescue, fielding emails and phone requests so that I can stay focused on my trip. Do you have a business partner who can cover your ass when you’re out for a few days? I sure hope so.

Then came a bigger test. A shitty email came in. How shitty you ask? On a scale from 1-10. A 10, ok a 3, but still my business partner knew me enough to know that this email had the potential to affect me. I’m 3 hours ahead and was sleeping by the time it hit my world, but my business partner intercepted it before I could. When I woke up at 5am, 8am his time, I had an email in my in box that said, “don’t bother looking at it. You go have an amazing day and go kill it for our company.”

Does your business partner have your back? You better find out quick. Not sure how. Take a business trip. One day or seven days, 30 miles away or 500 miles away, it doesn’t matter. You will find out quicker than you think if you’re working with and partnered with the right person. If you answer yes to, “when I’m standing out in the freezing ass cold, does my business partner have my back?” then high five to you. If not, head for the hills because it’s going to be a long painful journey.



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