CHUR – 3:00 PM, April 27th Our last evening in Venice was most unforgettable. We had dinner at a pizzeria and later watched the cafe orchestras mentioned before. To start, you are charged 4 euro per person entertainment fee!! We ordered 50 euro worth of drinks, which was two rounds. Jeff loved his Grand Marnier and Mel enjoyed her White Russians even more, not to mention our drinks were served on a silver plater with delicious green olives and chips. Jeff also smoked a cuban cigar. We enjoyed our romantic evening in Piazza San Marco, listening to the melodies of Phantom of the Opera.

It was early to rise the next morning and off to Switzerland. After a 4 1/2 hour train ride, we reached Bellinzona, Switzerland. The Swiss Alps are most breathtaking. We had a two hour wait until our bus left through the alps to Chur where we were staying with our Swiss family. Mel relaxed on a bench and enjoyed the beautiful mountains, while Jeff examined the colorful swiss francs.

Our bus ride was most exhilarating. The family in Chur recommended this ride so we could experience driving through the swiss alps. After arrival, we had a great dinner with cheese, meats, homemade breads, homemade jams and great conversation with Walti (father) and Nina (daughter). Later that evening we were blessed with watching a movie, in english of course!!!! The next day it was off to Milans on our two hour bike ride through tiny swiss villages and our final destination, Hiedi’s village, all thanks to our guide Nina. We returned home to a lunch feast of swiss favorites and a siesta. Nina was able to get Mel to join her basketball practice later that evening, where she managed a 1 1/2 hour practice with a german speaking coach!!! Jeff met the girls in town later that night and Nina showed us a great night in Chur at Tom’s Beer Box.

Saturday we had plans to stay at a small cozy cabin high up in the alps. It was Karin and sister Nina, Jeff and Mel. Oh, we can’t forget their cute dog Sancho. We drove an hour on a windy, one-way rode to the cabin nestled on a hillside, with a beautiful view of the surrounding alps, which are all still covered with snow. After unpacking and eating some snacks, we were led by the two sisters on a two hour hike, which led us to the top of a huge cliff above Chur. At the top of every peak, there is a book that is signed by survivors who have made the trek!!!! We returned safely to the cabin and made a feast, played cards, enjoyed swiss wine and beer, talked about our different cultures, laughed a lot and finally to bed.

Today we are back with our swiss family. We will eat dinner with the entire Brunner family; Walti, Charlene, Karin, Simon and Nina. We have enjoyed our stay here in Chur and hope to meet up with the family again. Thank You!!!!!

Tomorrow morning we leave to Amsterdam, a 10 hour train ride, arrival time is 8pm. Ahhhhh we’ve made it to the end and will be home soon to friends and family. Stay tuned for an update on Amsterdam and our “Favorites List”, probably when we get back.

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