Jan 2009: A great start to the year

Wow, it’s already 2009. Highlights this month:

0.1 WE ARE GOING TO THE WINTER OLYMPICS 2010 (Vancouver next Feb). Won 1 event of the original 4 we requested. Found a friend to house swap with and keeping an eye on men/women’s snowboarding halfpipe tickets.

1. Flash went to NYC on business. I was jealous, but back home ringing in some new clients and trying not to stress about the crazy ones. (I’m the VP for InternetMarketingInc.com and working on some amazing projects.)

2. My UCSD classes started this month. I’m getting a Sustainability Business Certificate. Very excited to see where this takes me.

3. I’m headed to Las Vegas on business for the International Builders Show. Can you say VIP and bottle service at Tao night club. Here I come clients.

4. Another outing with my 13 year lil Sis. We had beach day. I’m learning so much (about hip-hop and 13 year old likes and dislikes).

5. Volunteered through Women’s Global Network to mentor a budding 20 something female entrepreneur. So excited to assist her, as her new venture is geared toward green products.

6. Our company is a member of CleanTechSanDiego.org and I’m on the education and outreach committe. Major excitement in this space.

2009 – LET IT SHINE!

Micro Loan for Thereza Baraba

Details on where my micro loan went to. So exciting.

Entrepreneur: Thereza Baraba
Business: Coffee Berries

To Donate and sponsor a woman click here

Thereza Baraba lives in Bukoba, Tanzania, where she belongs to a women’s group called Amani. She is 58 years old and has six children living in different villages with their families. She sells boiled coffee berries. Thereza puts a small table in front of her house and sells the coffee berries. If she receives a sponsorship she will be able to boil more berries and hire someone to sell them around the village and at the village market.

Womens Global Connection

Womens Global Connection

Met my lil sister tonight

Got matched up with my ‘little’ tonight. Her name is Christiana, 13 years old, living in household with 5 siblings, dad, step mom and grandparents. Very quiet and shy at meeting, but hoping she’ll open up as we go along. She loves to text message – so that will be easy for me!

Sunday we’ll probably window shop at the mall and grab some lunch. Looking forward to this new journey and making a difference in this teenagers life.

Preparing for 3Day Breast Cancer Walk

This year I’m not a walker. After 2 years of aggressive training and fund raising – I’ve decided to contribute to the walk by volunteering on the CREW.

Flash and I are on the ‘Grab & Go A’ team. We have our camping bags packed, our 50′s outfits ready and are looking forward to our mandatory CREW training day tomorrow. 50′s outfits you ask – yes our crew team is dressing in a 50′s theme. Can’t wait to see the guys in poodle skirts. Flash will be dressed as Buddy Holly / 50′s Prom King. I’ll be a Pink Lady from our all time favorite move – GREASE.

In previous years Flash would come out to the cheering sections and support our walking teams. I can’t wait to share this entire 3 day experience with him.

Wait till he sees the camp of thousands of ladies!!! Darn – this means he doesn’t have to wait in line for a shower.

I’ll post an event recap and photos next week.

Most importantly, I dedicate this event to our beloved Uncle Ronny, Grandma Broman, Grandpa Gordon and Grandma Smith- all of whom we lost to cancer. We love you so much.

Why giving back is so important during economic down turns

Ever since I can remember my family and I have done what we can to volunteer or give back. That reminds me, I should nominate my mother for QUEEN VOLUNTEER. I can attribute my inspiration from her. Thanks mom.

Well, we’re really bumping it up these last couple months and will continue to do so in 2009 and beyond.

Past ‘giving backs’ include:

Flash and I will volunteer on the 3Day Breast Cancer Walk CREW next week. 4 amazing days of cheering on the walkers. Our crew team decided for a 50′s theme this year. Stay tuned for updates.  I’ve walked the previous 2 years. And raised close to $5000.

My latest interest and drive is with micro loans. If you don’t know what they are – read up here.

I’ve had the pleasure to recently become a member of the Women’s Global Network here in San Diego. gWave has recently donated to sponsor an entrepreneur woman in Bukoba, Tanzania.  Please stay tuned for details as we’ll be connected and obtain photos and the story of who we are helping. Pay back on micro loans is an astounding 98% and sometimes higher.

So why is this so important. Well, I’m tired of watching CNN, I’m tired of everyone else getting down due to the media. Well people, time to reach outside your bubble and look at the reality of the rest of the world. Or those even living in our own town. If you have a roof over your head and job – then suck it up. Gain some perspective and volunteer. Nows the time to reshape old habits and create new ones. If you have a little extra to spare, then share with someone who needs it more than you do. I promise, it WILL make you feel better.

More later…