Canopy zip-line tours and too many potholes

We awoke early on Monday, packed up the car and headed out to Arenal Paraiso to take the canopy zip-line tour. They had 11 lines, some very long and one that flew you over a river! You can see some pictures on their web site. It was amazing! Once we got the hang of slowing down and stopping without slamming into the end of the line and the trees it was great!

After the tour we loaded into the Daihatsu and began the 4 hour trip to Tamarindo. Should have got the hummer! I’m not sure it’s possible to count the potholes we hit, but lets just say our car’s shocks are shot! We arrived in beautiful Tamarindo in the afternoon and headed straight for the beach. The water here is very warm so we all took a nice swim and tried to catch some bodysurfing waves. Then it was out to dinner, lobster for all! Our hotel was showing the monday night football game on the big screen, so how could Randy and Flash pass that up? After a few beers at the bar it was off to bed.

Now it’s time to rent some surfboards and catch a tube!

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