BARCELONA – 4:00 pm, April 9th It´s hard to believe we have been here in Europe for two weeks, it´s even harder to believe we still have three to go. Barcelona is a big city, but doesn’t have the big city feel that London and Paris had. There are many more young people here, not so many older business people rushing about. English is spoken by most people and is on almost every sign of importance, this is good!

Monday night we had dinner at a great restaurant called Les Quinze Nits in Placa Reial. This place was very modern, could have been a restaurant in San Diego, the food was great, we both had appetizers, a main course, desert, and drinks all for 50 euros, it seemed like it should have been 100! Oh, and when we say drinks, we mean drinks! Mel had a litre of Sangria and Jeff had a litre of house red wine. The guy taking our drinks looked at us kind of funny when we ordered, and then everybody around us looked at us funny when our large pitchers of booze arrived. Oh well, we finished everything and went back to the hostle happy.

Yesterday was our “Gaudi Day” Barcelona is crazy about Antoni Gaudi, an artist/architect who lived and did many works here. His most famous was the Sagrada Familia, a church that is still being built today. It was very cool! We went inside (kind of, the inside is not finished and is actually still “outside”) and where able to go up into one of the towers. We then went to Park Guell, a cool park with tons of Gaudi mosaics and a great view of the city. Then we went and saw Casa Mila, a Gaudi building without a straight line in the entire design. These sights where all great, Mel loved them because of the mosaics. We also went to the train station to make our Thursday morning train reservation to Nice. And you will never believe it, there is a train strike that morning! Wow, came as a huge surprise to us. So we made a reservation on a train overnight that night. Mel is a little worried, we have a Thursday night train to Nice, we spend 15 hours in Nice and then take another overnight train to Rome. Talk about smelly and tired!

Last night we hit the town for some dancing and drinking. We took a nap from 830-930 and left our hostle at 1130, this town is a late starter. We went to the touristy nightclub area, little did we know we would be spending the night in Tiajuana! For those of you who have been to the club scene in TJ, this was a lot like that! Let me give you a few examples of the interesting people we saw:

  • The 45 year old woman who had too much to drink and was dancing like a crazy person, all being captured on film by her husband.
  • The 30 year old Italian in the dark Italian suite with the black turtleneck, buying all his friends drinks. Very mafia.
  • Eminem (or his body double)
  • A man who decided to take out a city map in the middle of the dance floor and try and figure out how to get home, while dancing. We think this was some sort of pickup technique, because we saw him later buying drinks for a girl.
  • And too many Britney Spears clones!
  • But we had fun, and drank toooooooooo much. Mel decided to go drink for drink with Jeff, this was a bad idea and the night ended for her on the bathroom floor. We slept in until 130 this afternoon and had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. No sightseeing today!

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