Arenal Volcano

This place is amazing, and far exceeds all of our expectations. Mel seems to think that Costa Rica is 10 times more amazing than Kauai! We arrived at Tabacon Resort at 12 noon and were greeted with some tasty gauva juice. We weren’t able to check in till 3pm so we sat on the patio, had a Mai Tai enjoyed the view, browsed the gift shop and then were off to explore.

We drove to the Arenal Volcano lodge where there was an observatory overlooking a lake and the active volcano. The volcano was heavily covered by fog and clouds, but we were able to catch a couple quick peeks at the top. Most amazing mountain! Now, the roads to the observatory… all rock and dirt, our rental car’s shocks, not sure they exist, but our bladders and butts sure paid the price. On the way back from exploring we stopped off to look at the infamous Tabacon Hot Springs, which includes 12 warm pools of natural spring water, rivers and waterfalls. You CAN swim through the entire landscape. This is an adult waterpark!

After exploring we returned to our resort to check in. We then ordered room service and decided to spend the remaining of the evening exploring the miles of hot springs.

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