Arenal Volcano makes some fireworks

On the trek back to our hotel we got to see the Volcano Arenal spewing hot magma boulders down the face of the mountain. What an amazing site! The boulders would tumble down the face and hit something hard and split into millions of glowing pieces.

We got back to Tabacon and changed and headed back up the road for some Vaquero (cowboy) steaks. Don’t order them Medium unless you like to taste what the cow ate for his last meal!!! We were able to see the Volcano Arenal erupt again during dinner and then it was down to the hot springs!

2 thoughts on “Arenal Volcano makes some fireworks

  1. arenal volcano hotel
    Arenal Volcano is the most active
    volcano in Costa Rica and one of the most active in the world with its daily
    eruptions. This makes the area of Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna a fascinating
    tourist destination for foreigners as well as residents of Costa Rica.

    • Arenal Observatory Lodge is the best place to experience the vncoalo, you can see incandescent rocks constanty tumble down the slopes and it looks better at night. Most of my Arenal footage was recorded from Arenal Observatory Lodge. If you’re lucky you can see the odd ash plume (which I never got to see cos of constant change in the weather). Also, when I stayed there the explosions woke me up at night and it shook the glass windows.

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