Come on in and meet us, we’re Jeff (aka Flash) & Melani Gordon. Two San Diego entrepreneurs trying to make the world a better place.

A love story.
It’s a love story, or actually a love triangle (true love meets love of business meets love of beer.) Jeff and I met in 1999 at Z57, one of San Diego’s hottest tech startups at the time. Jeff started as an intern and I was on the sales team dialing for dollars and selling websites to techno-phobic real estate agents. It was a crazy time in a fast-paced startup culture where napping under your desk was normal. Both of us were working our way through San Diego State; Jeff was a Computer Science major and I a Business Marketing major.

The techie and the hunter.
Over the years, Jeff moved to the web development department, eventually becoming the Director of Technology at Z57. He oversaw the building of a scaleable software infrastructure on a tight budget and helped the company self-fund its growth to over $20 million a year and over 30,000 clients. I was a sales leader, breaking company records and helped open other divisions at Z57.

Becoming builders.
It was 2002 and we were graduating from college. We wanted to host the mother of all parties but had no money. Our solution? Build websites for anyone who needed one. (Yes, you can bet it was one great party.) But more importantly, we had a lot of fun and learned what a great team we made. While still at Z57, we began masterminding several projects, TapHunter being one of them. Along the way, we got hitched in 2006 and I took the leap to start gWAVE Consulting. I built the company to 100+ companies with clients ranging from publicly traded companies, to bio tech, to fashion.

Brewing our own success.
We were never content to trade time for money so we sought to combine our love of craft beer with our experience building recurring revenue platforms by starting TapHunter. In 2011 I started devoting most of my time to TapHunter. After 12 years at Z57, Jeff left the security of corporate life and jumped ship to join TapHunter full time in November 2011.

We make a formidable team. I now channel my cut-throat, must-win attitude from my action sport days to the day-to-day operations of TapHunter. I lead customer and user acquisition strategies and obtain and report client feedback to Jeff. He remains the steadfast tech guy, building 100% of TapHunter’s online and mobile solutions and acts as a sounding board for all business strategies. (He also excels at his other primary role, keeping the office kegarator full.)

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