Who has the best sister-in-law? I do.


I love you Julie Gordon. The first postcard said, “Turning older doesn’t have to be stressful. Over the next couple of weeks, expect some “words of wisdom” from people that love you and want to help you celebrate getting another year wiser!”

The first postcard came one week ago. There have been 6 since then, one postcard everyday. Yes, you guessed it, I have a birthday coming up. I’m an over achiever who’s always judging herself and age is one of those data points. Oh geez, I’m turning X and I’ve only accomplished X. Sound familiar?

But the words of humor and wisdom kept showing up in the form of an adorable post card. It’s really stopped me in my tracks and helped me to appreciate the things I love most in life. Family, friends and humor.  I’d love to share this heart felt series with you while simultaneously giving a huge high five to my amazing sister-in-law who is actually collecting these quotes from people, printing and mailing each individual post card by hand (mmmm, new business idea).

With love on your birthday – Amy (my cousin)


With love on your birthday – Cathy Gordon (mother-in-law and funniest inside joke)


With love on your birthday – Uncle Larry H.


With love on your birthday – Your brother (and a top fave as this was my dad’s quote to us as kids)

With love on your birthday – Heather (cousin)

Oh wait, it just found two more. I’ll post this later with the rest from this week.

It’s your soul speaking and she says, Get UP! I need you.

Last Friday morning I laid awake in bed for 2 hours. It was still dark out, so I think it must have been 4:30 or 5am. Half of the time I just laid there cuddling my pug. And then, I actually considered calling in sick to work. What the “F”? What’s even funnier, I’m the boss.

I managed to walk my pathetic self to the kitchen and make an espresso and then sat on the couch with my iPad. A few clicks later I found myself reading this post - the grand pep talk: decide to rise (refer to this when in doubt, or sick & tired.)

What was my deal? The day before someone looked me in the eyes and said, “take a break, start a different business, maybe this isn’t the one, leave it behind.” Me, blank stare and silence.

Looking back it’s always easier to think of what I would have liked to say. Next time, “well, I’m sorry you feel that way, but I’m not giving up.” Thanks mom, you taught me that simple one liner and I swear I’m gonna use it.



10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

That’s me on the right. High school best friend on the left.

Most people know me as the fun loving entrepreneur who loves craft beer and the out doors. Here’s a list that I plan to continuously add to, but hopefully you learn something new about me.
  1. I really enjoy dancing my ass off to hard core dance and techno music.
  2. I worked at UPS loading semi trucks. Great pay and lost a ton of weight.
  3. I’ve lived in Sparks, Reno, South Lake Tahoe, Tempe, San Diego.
  4. I’m known amongst close friends as having the best Axel Rose impersonation. It worked better when I had long hair.
  5. When I was 5 years old I fell off my banana seat bike riding with no hands. I caved my face in and had reconstructive surgery on my nose. I broke my nose 3 more times after that.
  6. I took improv classes and loved it. I secretly wish I were a pro improv person.
  7. I never read fiction. I dislike Harry Potter and similar books.
  8. I don’t follow politics. I do know who the current president is.
  9. I think my husband is a genius. So do others.
  10. My husband and I met when he was 20 and I was 22. I bought him booze!


One Foot In Front of the Other

MIND: Most days as an entrepreneur are exhilarating and exciting. Sometimes I catch myself grinning and get a feeling of being overjoyed. By what? The fact that I chose this path and that I am truly in control of my own destiny. However a few weeks back (I had to go back to Facebook to remember) the last week of June to be exact, I let the pains of entrepreneurship get the best of me. Which is one of the reasons why I’ve chosen to blog or at least keep it updated. I want and need to journal through these moments, learn from them and become stronger rather than just forgetting what happened or ignoring the pain. I finally remembered what threw me of course that week. I was down on myself for not hitting sales numbers and what started in a calm conversation with my business partner ended in a stream of tears. Feeling sorry for myself, maybe? But there’s just not time for that. Yes, we all need to give ourselves those days, but I need to be able to bounce back from adversity – quicker. I told myself that I would figure out ways to endure the crazy days better, and that’s exactly what I sought out to do.

BODY: July 13th marked a big day. I began crossfit training. I downloaded the Nike training app and soon became addicted. Why? Because I’m competitive and the app allows me to earn badges and unlock bonus workouts. The best part was showing my husband the bonus Hope Solo workout I unlocked. Double bonus. I know that I’m a person who needs fitness or sports in their life. Nearly 2 months later I’ve lost 10 pounds. I feel great and am on my way to feeling amazing. I’ve been running. Oh wait, let me back up. My husband has been training me to run. I hated running, I never ran in high school and couldn’t even fathom finishing a 1 mile run without stopping. But I love sports and working out, so I knew that I just needed to give it a try. Now I can run a 10 min mile and run 3 miles in a row without stopping. I think the all consuming 2012 Summer Olympics viewing obsession helped kicked me into gear. Thanks Hope Solo. I think I need to reward myself so when I’ve been on this fitness path for 4-6 straight months I can really celebrate.

SOUL: We always kid and joke about playing hooky during a work week. I always say to my husband, “let’s wake up tomorrow and spontaneously decide we’re going to the beach all day.” Well, we’re going to Disneyland. I can’t remember a time we played hooky mid week and I’m just so damn excited.