Jan 2009: A great start to the year

Wow, it’s already 2009. Highlights this month:

0.1 WE ARE GOING TO THE WINTER OLYMPICS 2010 (Vancouver next Feb). Won 1 event of the original 4 we requested. Found a friend to house swap with and keeping an eye on men/women’s snowboarding halfpipe tickets.

1. Flash went to NYC on business. I was jealous, but back home ringing in some new clients and trying not to stress about the crazy ones. (I’m the VP for InternetMarketingInc.com and working on some amazing projects.)

2. My UCSD classes started this month. I’m getting a Sustainability Business Certificate. Very excited to see where this takes me.

3. I’m headed to Las Vegas on business for the International Builders Show. Can you say VIP and bottle service at Tao night club. Here I come clients.

4. Another outing with my 13 year lil Sis. We had beach day. I’m learning so much (about hip-hop and 13 year old likes and dislikes).

5. Volunteered through Women’s Global Network to mentor a budding 20 something female entrepreneur. So excited to assist her, as her new venture is geared toward green products.

6. Our company is a member of CleanTechSanDiego.org and I’m on the education and outreach committe. Major excitement in this space.

2009 – LET IT SHINE!

Holidays 2008: an epic year

Wow, my last blog post was Dec 10th. So much fun sIMG_2576tuff going on. Well, we did our favorite holiday trek once again, but this time it was a full 2 weeks. Mel was able to coerce Flash in taking more time off this year.

We were in San Jose Dec 19 – 24. What a great time. I love the fact that the kids outnumber the adults. And all the cousins are in the same age range. Young, fun, loud and crazy. Grandma Gordon hosted one amazing evening for the Gordon family.

This year’s ‘fun club’ friend progressive was epic to say the least. There was a 12 person line up of Irish Car Bombers. Full photo alblum here >>>

And of course we can’t forget Papa Smith and the other side of the family. We had an amazing feast at Bucca di Peppo.

We left San Jose Christmas Eve morning to head over Donner Summit. WE CHAINED UP!!! Yes, I’m a dork and actually loved chaining up. Plus I considered it a great ‘team building experience.’

See the Broman Holiday pics here >>>

WE WOKE UP CHRISTMAS MORNING TO SNOW. 5 inches in the valley. This brought tears to my eyes as I fled out the back door with Kaya at 8am. What a site. Kaya in the snow.

The Broman’s threw an amazing holiday for us. The highlight, Mom/Dad Broman’s gift to everyone – the mini marshmallow PVC pipe guns. Yes, you heard correctly. Laughing, laughing, ducking, more laughing and semi wet pants…

Flash and I went snowshoeing in Tahoe and hung with the family. We headed out to Mammoth Dec 29th.IMG_2513 by thegordons.

Well as many of you heard bits and pieces of the ‘Gordon Summit’ planning meeting. Fun stuff, tears, and let’s just say we love each other very much. (no we are not having kids ANYTIME soon.)

Tuesday was followed by a quick day of snowboarding for Flash, when he bailed. Dislocated his shoulder on the 3rd run. IT SUCKED, but in his defense it was pretty ‘radical tumble’. He was a trooper and decided to stay till Jan 2ns. Flash is THE most amazing husband. He looked at me after picking him up from the ER, “babe, it’s only 1pm, you should go back up to the mountain.” And that’s exactly what I did. I went snowboarding the next day too!

We managed to have an amazing week in Mammoth, but we’ll be back as Flash didn’t get to enjoy my Christmas gift to him – snowmobiling.You can see our Mammoth pics here >>>

IMG_2566 by thegordons.

Love you all and can’t wait till next holiday season.