San Diego

SAN DIEGO – 11:30 AM, May 4th Ok, so we’ve been home since early Friday and have been recovering from Amsterdam ever since. Sorry for the late update. We arrived in Amsterdam on Monday the 28th around 8pm. We arrived to our bed and breakfast, but we were unable to get in. The owners left explicit instructions to call so he could meet us upon arrival, however we couldn’t find a phone that worked with change or credit card, we don’t speak Dutch!!!!! Finally he met us. All in all our B&B was the best, the price of the room included Cereals and Milk breakfast, Blackcurrant gin in the evening and chocolates on the pillow, and yellow tulips above the headboard.

That night we made our way to the Hard Rock Cafe for juicy hamburgers and beer, and then it was off to bed. Tuesday we visited the Van Gogh Museum and were surprised by a great exhibit that provided further insight about the artist. We then visited the Heiniken Brewery, well worth the 7.50 euro, which included 3 free beers and a free gift. Tuesday night was Queen’s night. We partied with the best of the Dutch, and they know how to party. People everywhere in the streets drinking, dancing and just plain going crazy. Also we strolled through the Red Light District, ask if you want further details!!! Wednesday was the big day, the Queen’s Birthday. We hit the streets around 11am and found many festivities already under way. There were many stages around the city with free music and only 2 euro for a pint of Heiniken!!!! Jeff was in heaven. We walked around visiting all of the street vendors and then the torrential downpour of rain hit Amsterdam, we ran to Hard Rock and indulged in more hamburgers and Dutch beer. It was off to bed early and Thursday morning we took a 9am bus to the airport.

We flew 10 hours to D.C. and then another to 5 hours to LAX, and another hour and a half drive to San Diego. Thanks to our friend SAM!!!!! By the time we reached our house at 12am we had been traveling straight for 24 hours with no sleep. But to our surprise we awoke on Friday with no jet lag.

Stay tuned for pictures, which we will load soon, and our favorites list. We are glad to be back in the USA.