San Sebastian

SAN SEBASTIAN – 11:15 pm, April 5th Quick update, we had our first McDonalds experience tonight. In an effort to “do something comfortable” we went to McDonalds tonight. This was quite different than we expected. First of all, they serve beer at McDonalds here. So, we ordered: “un numero ocho, un numero dos y dos cervezas grande.” Second of all, it was PACKED with people, mostly teenagers, Jeff was a head taller than anyone in line ordering food. Now it’s time for more cerveza and another good nights sleep. We might attempt to do laundry tomorrow, stay tuned…..

San Sebastian

SAN SEBASTIAN – 6:30 pm, April 5th It is our second day in San Sebastian and the weather is beautiful. This place is so clean, we left our room this morning for breakfast to see one of the owners of the hostel scrubbing the sidewalk with a bucket of soapy water.

It was very tough to find breakfast food, definatley no Dennys here. Later in the day we found a spot that serves American breakfast, which is right next to McDonalds! Speaking of food, we had dinner last night at La Cepa, a non english speaking establishment. They had english menus, but when we were ready to point to steak and prawns our waitress could not translate the english. Aaahhh, so we ordered anyways hoping it was right and if not, we might end up with a plate of $14 slime!! Very good dinner and we got what we orderd.

We climbed to the top of Monte Urgull, the most beautiful view of San Sebastian. Took tons of pictures, played cards and for once we relaxed. Later it was off to the local market, which we walked by a million times and couldn´t find because it is underground. Once there we found .99 cent Sangria and the best cheap wine ever.

We visited the train station 3 times today. You see, they don´t speak english either. So when reserving our overnight sleep car to Barcelona, we realized after leaving it was just regular seats. This means Flash and Mel would have been sitting in airplane style seats for 10 hours to Barcelona. The lady at hour hostel was very pleasant and called for us, so we went back for the third time, to be serviced by the same unpleasant fellow, who proceeded to draw a kindergarden picture for us to help us understand our sleeping arangements. Boys and girls seperated in sleeping cars!!! We nodded and got the heck out of there.

So its off to relax and drink Sangria before we got to dinner. Dinner is served here starting at 8pm and on…..


PARIS – 10:00 pm, April 3rd BBBRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! Did we mention it was cold? We hit our first bump in the trip today. France’s train workers are on strike today. This means two things: 1. we cannot leave tonight on the overnight train to San Sebastian, not a big deal, we got a 730am train tomorrow. 2. The metro is not working, this is a big deal, we had to walk everywhere today, estimated 10 miles from our hostle to the Orsay Museum to the Eiffel Tour!!! Isnt this supposed to be a vacation? Most Parisians are pleasant, and speak english to us right away, however, some are sterotypically rude, especially when trying to get a cab! We have done all the major sights here in paris, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tour, Arc de Triomph, Champs E’lyesee, Notre Dame, Sacre Cour, Orsay Museum, and of course, french pastries, baguettes, un cafe, and cheese. We also survived our first Parisian hail storm last night, and cab ride this afternoon. We are excited to get to San Sebastian and slow down our frantic tourist pace! More later. Oh, and as our cab driver says: “Paris, shit.”


PARIS – 2:45 pm, April 2nd Paris is cold. We arrived here yesterday at 2pm, our Eurostar train was delayed 40 mins, no big deal. After checking in to our hostle it was too late to visit any museums, so we took the metro to the eiffel tour, it was Mel’s dream come true. We decided to go to the top on a different night. We then went and saw notre dame and then took a night boat cruise down the Seine River. Paris is most beautiful at night, with all the lights on at all the monuments. We had an interesting experience at dinner. We went to a small, hidden, non english speaking restaurant. Since neither of us speak french, it took us a while to order our food. We were very much out of our comfort zone, but that is what this trip is all about. We laughed along with our waiter and the food was great!

The keyboard here is jumbled for the french. As an example, here is the previous 2 sentences typed normally:
The keyboqrd here is ju,bled for the french: Qs qn exq,ple; here is the previous é sentences typed nor,qlly%

Au revoir, it is off to the Louvre.